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Door Swap? will a 77 driver door fit my 240?

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I can get a great driver door at the junk yard for $80.00. The thing is i dont know if it will bolt into my 72 240z. Please, does anyone know? My driver door is all dented and rusty and the window wont roll up or down anymore. The junkyard door looks and works great.


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Here is what I have heard. Take it for what it is worth because I have honestly tried very little.

The physical size of the doors should be the same. But the mechanism inside the doors might not be. Later model 280Z had a differnt locking mechanism.

I was helping a friend with his 240Z a few years ago and we had to take the doors off. When we went to put them back on, I put (by mistake) on of my old 280Z doors on I had next to the house. It was obvious it was not the door from the color, but we became curious and tried it. It bolt on alright but didnt want to shut. We took it off ad put the correct door on. I imagine the later model 280Z have a diffent door striker mechanism also.

Bottom line, it might work but check out the striker at the junk yard and get both if you can.

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and probably 100 dollars. I've decided all I really need is some bondo and paint, and a dent hammer. Also i'll just try to find the manual windo regulator mechanism at the junkyard. Or i wonder if MotorSports catalog sells this item? My wife thru away my MSA mag....:( Hey do you think the manual windows on the 280z will work in my 240?


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You could use the door skin from the 280Z but if you want to swap complete door for complete door you need one from any year 240. I don't know about the striker but the internal door parts are certainly different, your 240 door panel and arm rest would not mount to it.

I believe your second question was about using the 280Z window regulator in a 240!? This would require fabrication as the mount holes for the 280Z regulator are not in the 240 door.

Hope it helps!

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