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How many Z's does it take to have an event?

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This past Sunday I participated in a local car show and to my amazement there were a total of 3 Z's in the show. Out of a total of about 350 cars there was mine a 76-280, and two others. One was a 73 and one was a 2004 - 350. I have attached the pictures. The orange one is the first S30 that I have seen around the Burg in about 5 years. There were a total of 20 foreign cars in the show mostly MG and Triumphs.

The white 350 had something like 200 mods to it and the lady that owned the car drove from state college just to be in the show. She was kind of upset that she was put in the super modified category and not the foreign car category.

The guy that owned the orange one lived just blocks from the car show, I talked to him before lunch but he never came back before I left (started to rain). He did say he has owned the car since the late 70's and had another in his garage in pieces.




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My personal thought is one car makes an event! If you enjoy participating, it is an event!

The thing about that is if others see/hear you enjoyed yourself, you won't be alone for the next one!


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I feel your pain. I'm often the only Z at shows and the shows that don't have different classes I'm stuck between classic American Muscle cars. It's funny how my car gets looked at when I'm stuck between a '62 vette and '57 Chevy.

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You're all preaching to the Choir. I go to local show all the time and I rarely see any other Z's, except 350Z's. But no other Classics. And Yup, it's pretty funny watching all the Classic Chevy and Ford owners getting ticked that everyone is googling over my JAPANESE Sports car. pics included.......






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It's hard for a stock, or even a restored S30 to get any recognition when you are at a show that's loaded with hotrods, megabuck customs or even brand-new imports. The last car show I was at had 6 foreign cars; my 280Z, an old jag, an MG and three Miatas. there were no 350s.

The Miatas got the awards. :ermm:

I also noticed that he judges spent more time judging the Miatas than the Z or the Jag or the MG.

Importantly, the older cars seemed to attract more viewers than the newer ones. :)

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No mean to be harsh, but you're all wrong (with exception of Dave). I take my Z (which isn't as nice as all yours) and I draw a crowd EVERY TIME. You could have old Corvettes, hot rods, name it - the Z always reels 'em in.

I'll be at a major car show this weekend, and I'll be willing to be that my car draws a huge crowd. Fill you in next week.

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Even my old blue 78 280Z drew a crowd and many questions at whatever show I took it to, regardless of what other type of cars were there. TomoHawk, you must be taking your car to the wrong shows or things are quite different, there from here.

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Yeah, you'll get lots of 40- something guys or gals saying " that was a really cool car- and fast too" or " I had one of those back then" but when it comes to people voting for "best car" or "people's choice" they'll go for the chromed-out megabuck custom with the chromed Chevy engine. Most kids will say it looks cool, but won't have an idea of what it is. One young kid saw the Z on the sail panel and asked if mine was a 350Z ?

Fortunately, many Z clubs have many members, so you can have your own events or go on a road trip or go to ZCON.


Things must be different, as you say. I can count the number of S30s I see in Ohio on one hand. Moreover, most, if not all "classic car" shows in the Midwest area are for pony/muscle cars and customs/hotrods. In fact, some car show flyers have printed in bold letters, "Pre-1972 cars only" or something similar, depending on what the draw of the show is intended to be.

This is a typical inventory of a "classic car" show:

8 Chevy BelAir

5 2000+ Corvette

3 early Corvette

6-8 Model A custom

3 stock/restored Model A

5 1930's roadster

6-9 60's Mustang

5-7 2000+ Mustang

4-6 60's Camaro

15-20 custom rods

1 280Z

1-2 dozen various antiques (from the 30s, 40s or or 50s) in various stage of modding or restoration.

Probably because the Zs can't survive long enough in the "rust belt."

If I had one the Megalotto, I suppose I might like to have a few S30s restored and/or modded for car shows, "best of show" awards, and touring. ;)

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I've won awards/plaques, etc. at shows in which I had no expectation of winning anything, with all three (the Z, 810, and the 320 pickup). None of them would fall in the catagory of "megabuck custom with the chromed Chevy engine". In one case, mine (the truck) was the only import. So, I guess it really depends on where you are and what the general automotive interest of the area is. California is so diverse....that can be both a good thing and a bad thing......

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Plus, don't you want to be the unique one? Of all the cars you listed, there's only 1 280Z - that's a really cool thing, no?

I posted about the Allaire Rolling Iron show last year (I'll be there again this weekend) - a good sized show. I was the only Z - sandwiched between a '51 or '52 MG and a '66 Chevy Truck. BOTH were immaculate, but the guy with the truck couldn't believe all the people coming to see my little Z car (faded paint and all).

I could care less about the award (although a nicer car than mine would probably win easy), I love the attention - especially in a show like that.

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I agree with Will one Z makes an event and sometimes it doesn't even have to be at a show. Can be at a 7-11. The first show I took my car to I was placed between a SS396 and a Dodge Duster. You should have seen the looks on the ole boys faces when I got

1st place.

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