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1970 Series I 240Z Unique Parts


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Thanks Christopher! 3607 looks like if falls in the batch made in Jan 1970.

L24-2747 Nov-69

L24-2837 Dec-69

L24 original Jan-70

L24-3284 Jan-70

L24 Jan-70

L24-3260 Jan-70

L24-3205 Jan-70

L24 Original  Jan-70

L24 Jan-70

L24-3532 Jan-70

L24-3295 Jan-70

Unknown Jan-70

L24-2791 Jan-70

L24-3324 Jan-70

L24-original TBC Jan-70

L24-3939 Jan-70


L24-3833 Jan-70

L24 Original Jan-70

L24-3785 Jan-70

L24 Original Jan-70

L24-3959 Jan-70

L24-4008 Jan-70

L24-4056 Jan-70

L24-3731 Jan-70

L24-4030 Jan-70

L24 Jan-70

L24 Original Jan-70

L24 Original Jan-70

L24-4738 Feb-70

L24-4784 Feb-70

L24-3199 Jan-70

L24-2900 Jan-70

L28 Jan-70

L24-3429 Jan-70

L24-3493 Jan-70

L24 Original  Jan-70

L24-3325 Jan-70


L24-4042 Jan-70

L24-4080 Jan-70

L24-3559 Jan-70

L24-4220 Jan-70

L24-4375 Feb-70

L24-5164 Mar-70

L28 Feb-70

L28 Feb-70

L24-4611 Feb-70

L24-5055 Feb-70

L24 Original Feb-70

L24-4820 Feb-70

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On 2009-05-04 at 1:45 AM, kats said:


Seat belt hanger is mounted on the seat back, and I think 10/69 to 12/69 has a metal hanger which is covered by brack vinyl.From 01/70 has a black plastic hanger.


THANKS KATS!   I was just about to ask about this. I found the part in a bin that came with HLS30-00249.

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On 2009-05-04 at 5:27 PM, AZ-240z said:


This is information I gleaned from Wick Humble's Book "How To Restore Your Datsun Z-Car", page 197.

Previous to HLS30-21001, all Z-cars were shipped with an oil-pressure gauge that indicated up to 140 psi. Because the L24 was designed for less than 60 psi, Datsun had received many complaints of low oil pressure from owners, myself included. A gauge that showed a larger proportion of needle sweep for the normal pressure made sense, so a 90 psi gauge was substituted, beginning with late 240Zs.

The lower-reading gauge required a different sender. A 6kg unit supplanted the previous 10kg one. These had to be compatible; a mismatch would give an incaccurate reading so they were only interchangeable as a pair. No change was specified for the water-temperature part of this combination gauge. Parts numbers are:

New Part:

Gauge: 90 psi


or 24830-E8301

Sender switch:



or 25070-89900

Old Part:

"Gauge: 140 psi


Sender switch:



Datsun didn't intend to stock the early 10kg sender after dealer supplies ran out, so if you have to replace yours on an early 240Z, carefully check part numbers. You may need to change your gauge if the 25070-89910 sender switch isn't available. The later gauge is otherwise indentical with the original type.

Hope this explanation helps.


Thanks Dan,


I was wondering why the oil pressure read so high on 249!  I found the original sensor in a parts bit that came with the car so I will install it.

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After rebuilding my 2.4 my gauge would peg out on the high side.  After a couple hundred miles it lowered at idle.  If the oil pressure is excessive will it blow the dipstick out?  I'm thinking it's not in the same lines as the oil pressure sending unit so it wouldn't blow out.  The pressure overflow valve under the filter was nice and springy feeling so I think I'm okay, I've never seen one peg the gauge like mine did though.  Car runs fine after at least 500 miles, just curious. 


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24 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

  If the oil pressure is excessive will it blow the dipstick out?  

 Nope. But if, there was excessive blow by caused by poor piston ring sealing and if the PCV valve was plugged it would be possible to build enough pressure in the pan to move the dipstick out to relieve the excess pressure. No oil pressure in the pan, just air turbulence from the crank, the bottom side of the pistons and ring leakage.

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Since I am digging into one of these, I thought I would add to it. 

The hood is different. 

I have a 6/70 I am rebuilding and the underneath side of the hood at both corners next to the cowl doesn't have as much stamped reinforcement as the later cars.  Even compared to my 5/71.

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