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Question about the Spring Seat (strut related)


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Where the spring seat on the rear suspension is located, is there supposed to be any kind of rubber insert (or otherwise) in the inside portion of the "hat" (for lack of a better term) on the upper spring seat? Or does it just simply sit on top of the spring and then the rubber spacer on top of it, and finally the upper isolator?

Sorry I don't have a pic at the moment.

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Here I found a pic online that I will try to use as an explanation and then put my MSPaint Skills to the test (wondering if anything goes within the red circle (on the shock shaft that sits up into the "hat" portion of the seat retainer) or if it's JUST the spring seat that sits on top of the coil with nothing within it?):



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So it's just a bumpstop then?

Reason I ask is my rear shocks were shot and bottoming out. They'd leaked right out. So upon dis-assembling my rear strut assemblies I discovered a compacted dirt up the inner portion of the spring seat "retainer". I was unsure if it was just a greasy dirt or disintegrated rubber of some sort. It wasn't overly identifiable at all. My rear shocks had no bumpstops on them either. (Unless they blew apart and are no longer identifiable or on there.)

The good news is I am replacing the shocks with Original Z Koni Reds. But get this: I pulled the old shocks out and they are too in fact the EXACT same part number of Koni Reds. :D I guess i'll have to rebuild them as a spare set.

And thank you. I appreciate your quick responses and effort. It's very helpful.

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