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I just got my black dragon book and it is allot of help bet there are a couple little things i cant find no mater how hard i look.like #1 the 2 rubber stops for the gas door#2the gaskets that seal the door handles from the body and the rubber bumper #3 the round ring for the key lock

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MSA had the gas door bumpers last year, #34-1193. they used to offer the door lock seal too, but you may be able to get those from a local locksmith.

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And lets not forget the newest member to this group of treasured restoration parts suppliers,

Datsun 240z rubber grommets & parts

nix240z (Steve) from this thread http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/garage-hobbyist/49264-240z-fuel-brake-line-insulator-sets-steering-rack-expansion-reservoir.html

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