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thinking of rebuilding


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I was thinking of rebuilding and have some questions that rise from lack of experience.

Is it possible and or wise to pull the engine and have a machine shop perform the rebuild and then I just reinstall it. This would be both bottom and top end. In addition, since I am rebuilding I was considering beefing it up by boring etc. Would the machine shop know what must be done or do I need to have some motor knowledge to advise them. I would like to max it out. It is a 1974 260 so my understanding is the car already has the stroke so maybe a bore and domed pistons, beefy cam...???

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Oh by the way I am in Arizona so any suggestions as to a local shop would help



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If you want a 2.8, then get one and put it in, if you want to rebuild, get the pistons at first, i was told i got the last set of .020 over size pistons from ITM.

The rest depends on your skills, personally i do it my self.


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My advice is to work with some operation that has an in-depth knowledge of the L6 engine.

I'm building an NA 3.2 L stroker for my original owner '72 and I started off working with Kim Blough at Idaho Z Car. Now that Kim has "retired," I've moved to working with Paeco Industries in Birmingham, AL, which has built racing Ls for decades. While they are going to to the head work, I'm utilizing their accumulated knowledge to help me direct the block work here in central Ohio. I intend to do the mechanical assembly.

I'd love to work with Rebello - who built the NA L28 in my other '72 - but I couldn't get them to return an e-mail inquiry I made shortly after they became a sponsor of this Web site late last year.

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Hello DRebello.

I sent in an email couple weeks ago (Mar 20th) regarding a request for quote on some head and cam work. It was and email with probably too much info and pictures!

Saw your note, thought I'd ask.



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