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If I remove the front and rear, or just the front bumper from my 76 Z, will there be a noticeable increase in gap in the wheel well between the tire and wheel well? ( will the car rise up without the 40 lbs on each end?)

Also, does the rear quarter panel on 76 280 z have a hole for the bumper rubber the screw into, like the 240s and the 78 280z? Or is it smooth under that huge bumper??

Also, I def want the bumperless look, but have been rear ended twice in the past 3 years. Once in my daily Camry, which was OK, and once in my near classic SS, which I was lucky only damaged the bumper and exhaust.

The way they look, the earlier bumpers wouldn't really protect anything more than none, and the 78 is pretty low anyways.

Anyone been rear ended with the 76/78 bumper, the earlier bumper, or no bumper???


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I didn't notice any change in stance when I removed my front and rear bumpers (and bumper shocks).

Here is a shot of my '76 with a bare bottom...


There are lots of holes and indentations on the back of the car, but the rear quarter panels are smooth (unlike most other Zs that have and indentation on each side). There is a threaded hole in each quarter panel where the rubber trim attaches.

The front end looked much better without a bumper... this is with stock springs/struts and 215-50/16 tires on the front.


Here is another shot of the same car with a fiberglass 240z bumper replica installed. It did not adequately cover all of the holes on the back of the car.


And finally, a shot of the car with a smooth butt and some fresh (but dusty) paint...


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Thanks yellowfever!

That antenna in the first shot is really tall!! Luckily it looks like it retracts;

Well I think I might remove the front for now, since I usually stop pretty far back in my nice cars (due to rear end experiences) and try to fiberglas over the indentions under the headlight buckets.

I also plan to put some sort of grille in the front to cover all the open areas. Home depot has some stuff I might use.

My Z already has a lower air dam with brake ducts (which i filled with fog lights), so it will look good (if that huge bumper wasn't blocking it)

your butt looks really good (the car's anyways :love:) in that final shot. Did you just cover up the stock holes/etc.. or did you extend the bottom a little bit (closer to the ground)? That is what mine will look like someday in the rear, I might just keep the rear bumper for now since there seems to be a decent amount of work in removing it and dealing with the holes properly. Also I plan to drive it daily this spring and summer so I want to be protected in the rear.


BTW Is the opening at the front of the car less than 3 ft. by 3ft? (pic 2) The stuff I was gonna get comes in that size.

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Wow!! Very clean rear fill job!!!!! Kudos for a job well done

Thanks, I think the shop that did the work did it right... they welded patch panels in each of the holes and indentations. It turned out nice... I just hope I never get bumped from behind!


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Yellow Fever......What kind of tires are they in 215-50-16? I couldn't find a good brand that carried that size. Guy

Those are Toyo Proxes TPT tires. Probably not the sportiest tire, but they're great for commuting.

215-50/16 in front

225-50/16 in rear


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