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240z through 280z brand new tan interior seats.


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Hey guys. I had these seats in the classifieds section and haven't gotten response from anyone so im putting it in this thread. The tan ones are on ebay. But i am also currently redoing black ones and white ones (both will also be going on ebay soon) they are the save design and material. I will post pictures soon to show you guys the quality of the work. I would also like to offer my services to you guys though. The prices would be way cheaper then what im asking on ebay (almost half). I can do seats and door panels and all that. Just pm me what you need, what colors, and what material and i might be able to do it for cheap (price not quality!)


Heres the link if anyone is interested in those tan ones on ebay.

Pm me what u need.

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Maybe no one is looking for seats right now. I've never had any problems selling things in the Classifieds.

Which is where these ads really belong....

And they are also in the classifieds. However, if you read my post it says that this thread is for people who want custom interiors in different colors, textiures etc. In other words I am starting this thread to offer my services. The seats were simply to show my work and that im not outsourcing the work. Those seats will be going on ebay either way.

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Just a suggestion, you might try posting prices. I never respond to anything that doesn’t have a price because I assume it’s too expensive.

Thing is I was just using these seats to show my work. They will be going on ebay most likely. What I was trying to do, is do work LIKE THOSE SEATS for other people. And i would be able to entertain special requests (leather, vinyl, cloth, two tone, perferated etc etc). Thats kinda why it would be hard to set a price because i wont know what material and what color someone would prefer. To do your seats like the above seats (if you supply the seats) would cost about $400.

Hope this clarifies a little what im trying to accomplish in this thread.

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