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Show Us Your Ride - All Members!


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Hi all,

I wanted to open a new thread asking everyone to show off their ride. Please post the following information along with a photo attachment (not a link) of your car:

1. Your Real Name & State (and/or Country)

2. Year & Series

3. Anything extra you'd like to say

4. Photo(s)

If you've already done this, or you're a regular to the site, PLEASE POST YOUR CAR... I am collecting photos for a magazine and YOU could be featured.


PS: Don't use this thread for discussions. I would like to keep it simple.


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Rick Luscombe

1977 280Z

81,000 miles

Mostly stock, changed to 5 speed, urethane bushings, lowered and tokico shocks. Came from North hills, California. Summertime dailydriver.


1973 240Z

46,000 miles

Mostly stock, too early for details. Still haven't seen it first hand - on a brokendown truck 250 miles from here.


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Marty Rogan

1970 Series I, blt. 6/70

Mostly stock, except for color, wheels, radio & Spook

Has the rare blue interior

77,000 original miles

Featured in Motive Magazine article: http://www.motivemag.com/pub/feature/verticals/Motive_Vertical_-_240Z_and_350Z.shtml

1971 Series I, blt. 1/71

Track beast. '83 L-28 with SU's; '83 5 spd, 4:11 diff; PU bushings; 5 Way Tokicko's; short steering knuckles; comp springs & sway bars; roll bar; 5 point harness.

84,000 miles on body. Original low mileage engine tucked away for safe-keeping.



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Rich DeFabritus

1972 240Z - built 3/72

110 Red / possibly white interior at one time (unconfirmed, but headliner remains)

Original engine - 148,941 miles

Later model 5-speed, 4.11 R180 rear

Appeared (with wife) in 1st issue of Nissan Sport Magazine


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A quick note, folks. Mike asked for attachments, not inserts from Photobucket or similar. Makes a big difference in what he can do with the pictures. Those of you who have inserted pictures from an outside service please consider doing it again as an attachment. Once you have done so, send me a PM and I'll delete the original post.

If you are having trouble with attaching a picture, send me a PM and I'll try to assist.

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Bah... I really hate attachments, don't think I've used them (or seen many others use them) on any forum since 2004, and everyone here is totally married for them for some reason :P And unless you mean I should upload larger pictures into the attachments, I don't see how an IMG tag gives any less utility... but ok, whatever. (just ruined my chances didn't I LOL, admittedly it's my fault for not noticing the "attachments only" caveat at all, but I need to vent still haha)


Dan Bennett

280Z, 1975

Minty, only a color change to gray (which on some days convinces me it's green) keeps the car from being totally original, other than regular maintenance by an aircraft mechanic My main commute...

I have larger versions of both of the below...



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Bill Ramsey

Vilonia Arkansas

1975 280z "the unnatural one"

2.8 4 Sp with 72 round top su's for now, MSA 3-2 header 280zx electronic ignition, MSD blaster 2 coil, Excel performance control module, MSA High capacity oil pump.

Future plans: Triple Weber's and a bigger cam.



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Forgot to attach pics.
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Hi all

Filipe Azevedo

- 1971 240z Series I

- Restored this year (new dash, new door panels, new steering wheel, new seats, and a lot more)

- Original 432 Fairlady Z magnesium wheels

- Original Factory front and rear Datsun spoilers (no reproduction or Bre)

- Original colour code paint

- Matching numbers (original engine/vin number)

- Loved with pride








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Michael Good

1976 280 built date 11/75

All stock except for front air dam, rear spoiler and rear window louvers, they have been on the car since 1981.

I am the original owner, I purchased the car in Feb. 1976. The car has 48K miles.

NOTE: I am also looking for all original owners of 280Z's 75,76,77 and 78's see my web site to get listed.


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