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WTB - Series 1 gearbox crossmember


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Hi guys, I'm on the scrounge again. Sent my series 1 gearbox crossmember away for a repair and powdercoating and they lost it. They are happy to pay the bill for it's replacement but I still need to find one. I could get one fabricated but I'd rather procure the correct part.

If you have one spare that you want to part with to a loving and pampering home under my rebuilt shell, could you contact me please via this thread or PM me.

Cheers all.

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I didn't want to reply yet, because the one I have isn't out of the parts car yet. And I don't know that I'll have time to get it out for a few weeks yet - other weekend projects are in my way. All that said, if you can wait a few weeks, I will have one available.

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OK, shoot me a PM with your eddress and I'll put it on the list. Got to cut the roof off the parts car this weekend, and hopefully put the red car back together next weekend. Shortly after that though, I plan to pull the gearbox out of the parts car, and at that point I'll (obviously) have the crossmember available.

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Heh Dave,

The first one is out what you US guys call a Series 1.

I've never seen the middle one but it looks like a variant of the Series 1 version with extra rubber bushes to quieten things down a bit, or maybe they are there to prolong the life of the large rubber mount that goes above it.

The last one is what is on my 73.

The correct one for my use is the first one.

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