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carb conversion help

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Okay so i just won a set of fairly nice 70-72 carbs off ebay with the intention of finally getting rid of my 73 flat tops. Thing is I'm not sure of is exactly what I need to make the swap. I know there are places that probably sell a kit or something like what I need but being new at this anyone out there with tips or experience with the topic please feel free to give some advice.

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I'm certainly no expert, but I just put round tops on my 73, and pretty much everything just bolted right up. I know you'll need the accelerator linkage from 70 - 72, your 73 won't work. I believe you need the earlier intake manifolds and balance tube also (hopefully you got them w/ the auction). My set of used round tops came with the intakes and balance tube so I never tried using the old ones. Now you can remove all that nasty smog control stuff thats choking your car (or do you have to pass emissions in NY?).

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Actually, roundtops will fit just fine on the '73-74 manifolds, so if all you got was the carbs and the center linkage you're good. Changing the manifolds can lead to a cleaner looking installation, but is not required.

One thing to watch though if you don't use the matching roundtop manifolds -- the water passages in your '73 manifolds will need to be plugged or blocked off if you are using four-screw ('70-71) roundtops. I believe the water passages on the '72 (three-screw) roundtops will match fine with the '73 manifolds.

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