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Glad to see you are back at it Westpak. Like all cars of this vintage there is no shortage of places for moisture to build up and start eating metal away. You made a lot of progress on you own and we call testify to how long work like this takes. We look forward to more pictures and updates as your move along with the project. Good luck!

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A little more movement.

Got the front and rear glass removed, and good news is that there was just a little rust, the glass guy was surprised how good it was under the weatherstrip

Just one spot on the front


And some on the hatch


And some parts back from soda blasting and primer, the doors also looked good with only some small holes on the bottom


And the rotisserie is in


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Thanks, here are a few more

Ok here it is final steps on the rotisserie after manufacturing the adapters


And stuff like this annoys me, specially as the car is pretty rust free, and you see this. It was due to the a/c, they put the drain for the evaporator out the side of the foot well so the water puddled between the body and the fender. Now I know why the fender on this side was so much worse than the driver's side.


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Well slow process, two years after blasting she is back home after body repairs and painting, most of that time was trying to find someone that didn't want an arm and a leg to fix/paint, just an arm anyway LOL


I was able to find donor sections to avoid making replacements or splicing, you see the Swiss cheese in previous posts




And some frame repair


Now some time to build wallet back up

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Also had the interior and underneath sprayed with lizard skin and every nook and cranny spray with rust encapsulator, having it on the rotisserie came in handy as they turned it all around to get the encapsulator everywhere

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