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Hat tip to Ron Carter

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Thank you guys.

I read the article about 3 months ago, and saw some of the photos. I thought that Eric took some great photos (a year ago) at Phoenix International Raceway with me and my Roadster.

I have not seen the magazine yet...could someone scan the article? I would appreciate it!



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Hey Ron, its about time you finally got a subscription. Saw your order come in today.

God knows I've seen the article for quite a while, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Will read it on my next visit to the library. I never read the articles while in the design stage.

The Spring issue will have another early Z (280) that is just incredible. I was there when the photographer shot this car. It won best of show at Z Nationals in Georgia last year. I was one of three judges at the event and we could not find anything wrong with it.

Hey Chris, I would have loved to have written captions for all the photos but I just didn't have the space. I wanted as many pictures as I could get in so captions were expendable. But at least the people in the pictures will know who they are. Even the Z under the cover. I should have wrote a caption for that one because only a few know what thats about.

Already looking forward to Ohio.

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Nice article, Ron. Congrats. I got my picture in the rag too! Check out the article on the convention. That's me, Jim Frederick, Rick Lapp and Becca.

One of these things is not like the other...:bunny:

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Dave! I am busted!! Yeah, couldn't have you guys running articles about my cars without a subscription! Note that I signed up for the full 2 years too!!

Actually, I have been looking for an excuse to sign up and have meant to several times, this time I could not pass it up! Thanks for covering a couple of old Datsun race cars...

Victor, Chris and Jason, Thanks!! I learned all my "cool" tricks from you!

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ART, I was pretty tired last night when I responded (see the time marked on my post). For some reason I keep thinking that I am talking to Dave B.

I think you should just change your name to Dave, it would save me a bunch of embarrassment.

Next I will work on walking and chewing gum simultaneously.


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