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Triple Weber DCOE 42 recomendations

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Good Evening

I would like some input and reasoning on recomendations for Jetting and Venturris for my triple weber DCOE 42's

I have bench stripped and rebuilt these carbs using Weber rebuild kits.

But what I don't know is if the carbs initial set up is even remotely correct for my application.

I bought my 280Z last year in July it also came with a 240 engine with the triples installed and headers. But it was ouside the car as was the efi 2.8. The previous owner had bought the car with the additional engine just like myself. And never installed either.

I am concerned the base line is all wrong because ...

with the idle adjustment screws not making or just making contact with the lever the car lumps along as it should at a very low idle , but I only have the mixture screws open approximately a half a turn each.

From everything I read the initial set up should be o.k. but i still find the plugs a bit black . which means what exactly ? are the venturis too big , too small or just right. same story for the jets.

any way I am attaching a little chart I filled out that I found on the net. It makes the information sort of sensible.

By the way I have the low pressure high volume carter fuel pump as recommended by weber,

So fuel should be good

I have upgraded the distibuter to the 79-83 ZX E1280 distiributor

So spark should be cool too.

Thanks for any and all thoughts /inputs recommendations




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Idle RPM?

I've found with my Mikuni-Solex trio that I've had to increase idle speed about 250 RPM. Although that requirement may have something to do with the performance cam installed, it might be worth looking into.


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Thanks for your reply, I am hesitant to up the idle as the weber manuals say leave it alone until the mix is right. And as its its my concern that the mix is not right I am going to leave it alone for now.

By the way when you say you increased the idled by 250 RPM ; from what RPM to what RPM. say from 800 to 1050 or 950 to 1200?

As far as the cam goes I really don't know. I suppose its possible the original cam could have been relaced as the block is a P90 and the Head an E88 I guess I'll have to pop off the valve cover and look for some markings to answer that one.

Thanks again for the reply


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