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Soun deadener.


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Hey Madkaw. The two rolls cover the whole car easily. What You see was covered with one roll but there´s left like 4 to 5 feet. The other one is going to cover the whole car even the rear quarter panels inside.

duffman... I havent finish the install but There´s a roll waiting for me to finish it. For sure it covers the whole car. The doors I only put some fatmat in the bottoms of the doors. If I have the time im sure i can cover the interior of the doors.

Sometimes is difficult to cover some parts due to the strong adhesive. But with some patience can do things right.

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G'Day there Juan,

You said that you put the sound deadener in the BOTTOM of the doors. I hope you left the drain holes uncovered mate. Having the deadener on the bottom of the doors could cause moisture to be held there, becoming a rust threat.


:devious: :devious:

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Assuming you removed the fiber stuff on the tranny tunnel, did you put the Fatmat down and put anything else on top before you put the vinyl down? Might not have gotten that far yet, but interested in knowing the best way to install.


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