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Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432


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Today , I would like to present a little observation for the knobs .

 I am thinking to install a hand throttle lever which was pulled from a 1970 Z432 to my #2146. I found the lever is flattened around a symbol that would indicate a continuous, long term use by the owners . Or is that a natural thing from the beginning ? 

Z432 , a S20 engine , most people preferred to start it without pulling a choke lever because of Mikuni carburetors .  Then it needs longer time to warm up than L-series engine , you will want to use a hand -throttle lever to ease your foot . 

So , my guess is a hand - throttle lever on a Z432 is more likely to be premature faster than a choke lever on a Z432 . 

On the other hand, L-Series SU carburetors need to be pulled a choke when it is started , and also used for warming up . Don’t need to use a hand - throttle for warming up . A choke lever for SU carburetors is always touched by hands ,might be premature much faster than a hand- throttle on the same  car . 
The last picture shows a tape that shields a tiny screw in a hole when it is new.








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45 minutes ago, Mark Maras said:

I don't see much wear on the symbols that would indicate heavy usage. I think they were made that way.

Thank you Mark Maras ,

 Your comment gradually made me think the lever would be snapped off or the symbols would be erased before it is flattened .  Just a matter of molding? For 1972-73 levers , I saw similar variations on a surface around a symbols .


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