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OMFG sooooo powerful soo faaast!!!

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omfg LOL V8 POWERED Z'S ARE INSANE in "a certain spot" i saw a v8 powered 240z line up with another person and then when they were flagged the 240z let the other car(prelude)

have 6 car lengths before he even mooved 1 foot..... he started off the line at an angle fro mthe tourqe and at the end of the 1/4 mile run he was still sidways at the angle heh and beat the prelude by at least 10 car lengths.... insane power out of the 350 chavy small block.... the prelude was a 12 second car....

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i had a early 74 260 V8 Z with very low mileage a mild cam, edelbrock intake, 750 edelbrock 4 barrel, B&M shift kit, TH 350 3 speed and a 3.70 R200 rear.

granted for what little was done to the car it was fast but still it was only 12.95 in the 1/4 @ 106.75

he had more then just engine in that car to pull that off

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I have a mate who loves honda's. I can't say I love them I don't mind some there well built in alot of ways but I do hate Toyota's I own one and it's a heap of **** compared with my Z. Why doesn't anyone hate Toyota's??? jUst honda's?

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