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Track Day in Australia (56k not a great idea)

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Went to an open practice day with the wuzza a few weeks ago.

Just some pics from the day:

The car in its current setup is great fun to drive. As it stands, even on street tyres/no lsd it has admirable traction out of corners [ignore the first few pics, that was on corner entry!].

The tail does like to come out a bit if you turn in too jovially, but in general the car is relatively neutral.

The suspension consists of custom valved bilstein struts ( digressive front, linear rear) with shortened struts and coilovers. Wilwood front brakes, sigma rears.

It's not as quick down the straight as most of the cars there on the day, but it sounds pretty sweet with the webers!

here are some of the more choice pics..











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dsc3540tm7.jpg<-this dude was also bloody quick.





dsc3506np8.jpg<-- thats me in the far off distance at the hairpin facing the wrong way after spinning, stalling, then flooding the carbs, then watching my oil temp rise.



would be great to have some company next time!

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Cheers for the comments! Had a great day.

The super high res shots came from a spectator on the day.

I have some 7mb photos of the sliding z ones, but they would probably take up the whole screen!

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Hi Mate

Looks like it was a great day.

wakefield is a great track, done many 100's of laps around there.

I have a 240Z I am doing up here in Sydney too and wanted to know where you got the ZG flares from asI am keen to get some.

Car looks good too man, hoprfully will have mine up and running next year.

Doing the RB30DET conversion and everything else. Will have about 400kw and weigh about 1 ton, so should do about 1:05 around Wakefield.

Chat soon

Anthony Soole

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Didnt see these last few posts until now sorry.

Nigel- I used vw golf bilstein sport struts.

The shocks themselves are very cheap in america- I forgot exactly how much, but it was less than 500 AUS for all 4- bought from shox.com. Shox will also be able to revalve the shocks to what you want for a bit extra before shipping them to you.

I picked them up personally- had them revalved for my purposes at heasmans in Sydney- and then modified my existing cut down struts with ground control components.

so i guess the answers to your question are- shox.com and ground control. Misc fabrication of strut tops/ camber plates I had done at Stewart wilkins in sydney.


My zg flares are from japan. I decided to trek out to Spirit Garage one day in hopes of seeing their race car beast (thanks to HS30-H) for directions. Unfortunately they keep the racecar at a different garage, but I did manage to score a set of old 2nd hand flares from their basement for a bargain price. Also got a photo of the racecar, stickers, a cup of coffee and some other freebies. Was worth the 2 hours I walked in the rain.


This is the boss and Im assuming wife of Spirit Garage.

* Ive since taken the Z back to the track with some proper overflow tanks and cooling mods and it ran fautlessly all day in >30 degree heat. The gearbox however packed it in, and I'm picking up an option4 rally dogleg gearbox on wednesday! cant wait!

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