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Best article ever in Sport Z Mag? This one…

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SZM writer and 240Z owner Joseph Demers, PhD, has produced some classic articles for Sport Z Magazine over the past five years. But his newest article, to be released in the Fall 2005 issue of Sport Z, is his biggest--10 pages!--and most groundbreaking. It dissects the history and technology of braking systems. More importantly, though, it introduces his potentially revolutionary invention: the Fade Stop Brake Cooler (FSBC). The patent-pending invention that could change the braking industry works on first-gen Zs (among many other cars and trucks).

But wait, there’s more… Associate publisher Art Singer begins his PROJECT 240Z series. This long-term project car, to be covered in every issue, will be a full daily driver restoration with an eye on the bottom line. No show car, no track star, just a fun and affordable DIY shade-tree restoration.

And more… Popular Z author Ben Millspaugh starts a two-part feature on the history of customizing the Z, taking you back to the 1970s and looking at some of the more popular mods of the time period.

If there has ever been a can’t-miss issue of SZM, this is it. For all those who may have let your subscription lapse or have yet to dip a toe in the Sport Z waters, we money-back guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Check out the full preview on www.sportzmagazine.com. Order by AUGUST 17 and get this issue with your subscription. You can also call circulation at 505-771-2374. As always, thanks for all of the support. Questions? E-mail me at editor@sportzmagazine.com.

Dave Bexfield

Editor in Chief

Sport Z Magazine


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And don't miss John Coffey's (photo's included), Ross Corigan (sp ?) and Ken Jones comments on the project car that came in a close second to the one we ended up choosing.

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