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Looking for a source to supply pistons for 3.0 280ZX


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Who is a reasonable supplier of L6 pistons? I have a set of pistons that the engine builder "mocked up" and told me the pistons were at deck height. When he put it together he said the piston is down in the bore .050!!! He calculated the cr to be 9.3 and now he says it will be 8.1. It will be perfect for a turbo but I have no such plans.

I do not want to spend $600 on a set of custom forged pistons. I am happy with a good cast piston. What do you guys recommend?

specs: 87.5 mm bore with a 83 mm stroke = 2995 cc

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Have you considered looking at Rebello Racing (#925-682-0103)? They have a good reputation for building L6 engine, as well as others. They can give you some options and supply you what you need. I am over here in England and thats where I sourced my pistons/cam. And mine are cast rather than forged.



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