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Books: 1975 280Z Factory Service Manual | Clymer 1600 & 2000 | Glenn's Tune-Up & Rep.


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Z Enthusiasts, I have 3 books for sale/trade:

1975 Datsun 280Z Service Manual - Fair Condition; the cover has average wear and tear on it, clear tape was used on boarder and tear -to repair and preserve; other than cover, information pages are in excellent condition, no spills or anything like that on them. Begging to be used.

Glenn's Datsun Tune-Up and Repair Guide: Models 1968 -1976 : 510,610,710-Station Wagons and Fastbacks - 521 and 620 Pickups - Book is in great condition, corners are not even curled yet. There are a few black smudges, only cosmetic blemishes. Information pages also in great condition.

Clymer Datsun 1600 and 2000 Models Through 1970 - Book in good condition. A few black smudges here and there. Otherwise a good book.

I am looking to trade for a 1973 240Z Factory Service Manual. Anyone who has one and wants one of these books please contact me and we can work something out. I am looking to build a repertoire of 240Z books so any other 240Z books would also be considered for trade.

If would like to make me an offer, ask questions, or negotiate please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks All!

Andy Schevets




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