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Powder Coated 240Z Suspension Finished

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How well does the powdercoat hold up to parts that flex? Will it flex a little or not at all?

Sorry, I can't answer that yet. I don't know by how much the powder coat adds to the strength of the metal. I'm sure different metals have different results.

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How well does the powder coat hold up to parts that flex? Will it flex a little or not at all?

I forgot to mention this; before any of the work started, and I was being showed around his shop and some of the samples. He showed me the hooks that he hangs the parts off of. Because they have to be bare, and clean for grounding reasons I believe, he demonstrated this for me:

He took a hook that was completely coated and cured with color and he bent it back and forth over and over again, using the same principle if you wanted to break a paper clip. After bending it for a while he handed it to me to touch, and I felt no heat. Also the powder coat did not crack, chip, discolor or anything. I didn't believe my eyes and hands so I had to try it myself and resulted the same, I was amazed.

That was fuel to add to my fire to go through with it, which I'm glad I did. He was telling me that it costs almost as much as buying new hooks, but he sends huge batches out to get them stripped. Apparently, there are companies out there that specialize in just that.

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we had a molten salt stripper for a long time but due to powdercoating getting so big we didnt have enough time to court business for stripping. And theres a new company on the market that sells hooks for insanely cheap(EPSI) and we can buy like 2500 hooks for a round 20 buck, way cheaper than any stripping we have done.

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