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Tripple SU/DGV Intake Mani FS

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Something you don't see everyday....

I was driving along and pulled into a stores parking lot, and this crazy old man came over and asked me about my Z. He said he had an intake for tripple carbs...that he would sale me. My heart Jumped...cause at the time I was looking for a tripple weber set-up. When I went to go get them it was a strange mani that he bought back in 1980...and it was for the tripple SU set-up.

I bought them anyways...

Well, I was going to give the set-up a try, but when I did my swap I went ahead and went full fuel-injection...so I figuared I would just take these to go get polished up because they were a mess....well, I got them back yesterday...and they look hot.

I was planning to list them on Ebay and see how much I can get for them, but I figuared I would see if anyone here would like to give me an offer before I list them.

Here's what they looked like when I bought them, I'll post some pics of them cleaned up when I get home.








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copy them to another explorer window and they will work then.

It's a hassle but it might be an anti leech set up by the server they are hosted on to stop people directly linking from another webpage therefore it costs for them to pay for bandwidth and the original hoster is getting nothing out of it!


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The linkages and carb spacers are still not cleaned up, the main three peices here are about 98% cleaned up, there is a tool mark here and there that was too deep to buff out, but in condition wise...they are 98% hot. many possibilities lie in these, as a little port and polish, gasket matching, or if you have 3 of the Cannon DGV adapter intakes, then you can run the bigger carbs..it's all in the tuning :geek: the carb in the first set of pics is not included...I already gave it away to a buddy.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

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I'd like to see $150 for them...and that will include shipping to the lowwer 48 states.

To be honest...I did buy them for $50, had them polished up for $40, and the shipping/packing might be around $15+/-...but being that they are a little rare....and not something that too many people have or use, due to the slight difficulty in the tuning or the rarity...but just like all performance products...once they are tuned...they will rip....but I think I can prolly make a little money off them, or trade for parts. I believe something like this on Ebay might go up to $300 or so, but since I haven't had the time to clean up the linkages, I might not list them on ebay. I might just end up getting another Z to play around with these...hehe

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Reply sent, sale pending.

As I said in my PM,

Glad they're going to a good home.


What are you putting them on.

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