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OT: Honey Bee to be hacked on Monster Garage

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Here are a few shots I pulled from the show. Turns out the white Cherry HB that sold on Ebay is Jesse's personal car. I don't know where the yellow one came from. They didn't use any of the 350Z's suspension because it was too wide. The front is from the HB and the rear came from a datsun pick-up. I guess over all it was pretty cool though I would have rather seen it done right - not a hack job like the MG guys do all the time.




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I saw the show, and I happened to really enjoy it. Just because you wipe your car with a diaper every day doesn't mean you can't have some appreciation for an extremely talented group of fabricators and mechanics. I thought the car turned out quite nicely, though the striped paintjob done at the end was pretty lame. You've never seen a Honey Bee drift before, and that's exactly why they did what they did.

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To me, the honey Bee is about as cool as a Honda Civic cvcc. It was a little car with great gas mileage, no horepower and you can fit 6 in one parking space. The Honey bee is a dinky little car and those guys think they can stuff the engine from a 350Z in there. So far, the engine is the only thing that isn't COOL.

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Did anyone else see that this Monster Garage Honey Bee with the 350z engine sold at Barrett-Jackson this year for $6000?


To see the auction results you have to search by make here http://www.barrett-jackson.com/application/search/W_SearchSc08.aspx

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