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Discontinued 240z Relay


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It looks like a very important relay, 25230-E4100, is discontinued and no longer available. I have a 71 Z. This relay is attached via machine screws through the passenger side kick panel and is just next to the flasher relay.

Anybody got an extra one?

Mine is sticking and when I turn the ignition key from the accessory position to two positions to the left, it is energizing the starter circuit. I took the cover off the relay and when I turn the key back one position (to off) and then physically separate the contacts in the relay, then click back to the first position (now you can pull the key out) then the starter circuit is no longer energized.

Nissan description is "Relay for Heat Glass". Seems to me that it is more like "relay for power to whole car".


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This part number is showing in the nismoparts.com database as shipping in 4-10 business days.

The new part number is B5230-E4185 Relay Type K24 which superceedes the p/n you have posted.

Try this and let us know how you get on.



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Two Nissan dealers here have tried the superceeded number and they say it is discontinued and no longer available. I forgot to mention that the number indeed superceeds to the number you mention.

Also, Motorsport Auto in California doesn't have any. It is not a part that breaks often evidently as they say the last one they ordered was in 2001.

I'd like a new one, but if no one has one then I guess I'll grab a used one from a salvage yard-- hopefully.

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inline 6,

I have a relay here. It's from a 240Z with a manufacture date of 9/71. It's rectangular with a two hole mounting bracket. It has a four prong male connector. The wires are yellow (or white) w/ black stripe, blue w/red stripe, black, and black w/red stripe. It says "JIDECO JAPAN" on the side opposite the mounting bracket. I can't see any numbers on it but it came from the location in the car as you decribed. If that's your relay, you can have it for postage.

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The relay switch you are talking about, if this switch is not working does it keep the car from starting? i have a 72 240z and when i turn the key over to start the car the relay switch on the passenger side clicks and nothing happens. is the relay switch the problem?

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