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Jdm Wheels for sale


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I have a friend who is bringing wheels thru orders from Japan. He can get almost any used wheel for your S30. The prices are reasonable and pic are available. I will try to post some of the pic he sent me as examples of what he has. If I don't put all pic please email me for one. Thanks

Advan a3a $1000 obo 14 inch (front) 6 j et +6 (rear) 6 j et +6

Cross fever 14 in very rare 2 wheels only $500 14x6

Wed sports Racing forge 2 wheels only 14 in 0 offset big lip $600

Watanabe 8 spoke 14 in 6.5 0 offset $800

many many more prices might be negotiable

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Can he get any of these on this list:

Here are the sizes

15 or 16x7 +0 to +20

15 or 16x8 +15 to +25*

15 or 16x9 +20 to +30*

Here are the wheels

SSR Longchamp XR4

SSR Watanabe RS8

SSR Reverse Mesh, Full Reverse Mesh, or Formula Mesh

Enkei Mesh

Honestly I would take just about anything that fits the sizes with a star next to them. Pictures needed to see quality. All needed to be 4x114.3 And also how long do yo approximate shipping to cost and take?

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I asked him and he siad that he has a watanabe 8 spke 15 inch 7j et 15 for the front and 15 inch 7.5j et 8.5 for the rear but they are going for $1200. He also has ssr longchamps 15 inch 6.5J ET 17 all around for $750.

Ill let you know if he gets anything else.


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Had just moved from Japan in november. HAD a 180SX with RS-8's on it but had to leave them on when I sold the car.

I can't beleave the prices that are being asked for these old rims.

Personal experience with rummaging through hte junkyards, I found my wats for $250 with decent tires and the rims were in perfect shape.

Rare find.

I also know that shipping rims from Japan can be expensive, but if they are military it's only around $50 per box of two.

But most likely they are shipping from a Japanese post office or shipping company = ridiculous $$

Used tire and wheel shops in Japan are crazy. Prices are close to new rims.

Your friends prices seem real fair. Still kicking myself for not getting the time to pull my watanabe's off my 180SX. I knew sooner or later I would get another Nissan, but was shipping an Astro van back from Japan, and just didn't have an immediate need.

Sorry to bug the post, but if the rims being sold are clean, these prices aren't really making the guy getting them alot of money.

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Depends where you buy I guess. Got a pair of 16x8 +32 for $200 shipped from Japan. Not the greatest offsets, but for the price, spacers work :).

I hate to be a bitch and come off as a lowballer, but they are worth around $400-$600 stateside.

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