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FOR SALE! My Z mags (wheels)


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I'd like to finally sell the wheels off My Z, Why? Cause I finally got my Eagle alloys.

The wheels were polished by me a little while ago.

They have 195/70/R14 firestones on the, nothin to brag about.

Im just not going to pay to have the tires removed from the wheels.

I live in Marysville, Washington (state,) north of Everett.

I'm looking for $200.00 but am willing to wheel and deal (no pun intended)

I'm not big on the idea of shipping but if you really want them, we'll figure something out.

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I don't know a damn thing about looking up or calculating costs of shipping.

And I'm guessing thats your Zip code.

If you want to look it up, My address is:

7005 47th ave N.E. Marysville, Washington. 98270

If you really want them, I can have the rubber taken off the wheels for shipping. find out the weight of four rims w/shipping and all that and I might even lower the price of the wheels.

It kinda up to you at this point. let me know


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Wheels probably weigh 16-22lbs depending on the manufacturer, but that's just a WAG on my part. I'd weight my set, but they still have old tires on them.

Gema, are you looking to stay with 14 inch specifically or would a set of 15's work for you? I'm not trying to cut into the deal, but mine have brand new tires.:ermm: Plus, I'm close enough you could pick them up yourself.

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Like 2manyZs said " just a lot of elbow grease and my 6" buffing wheel is now a 3" and my tripoli is all but gone (polishing compound)

The insides of the slots are painted black to make the polished surface stand out more.

Hey Gema, I'd go for 2manyZs wheels if I were you, He's closer and knowing the stickler that he can be, his are probably in better shape than mine.

And you cant beat the fact that his are pre-loaded with good tires.

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I also see that the picture of the wheel has been looked at almost 70 times and only four people other than me have made a comment or seem interested, whats up with that?

No offence guys, just kinda dumbfounded.

O.K O.K. $150.00 and you come get em.

Yes Regis, that is my final answer.

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I seriously don't know why someone does not buy these. $150USD for 14 by 7's??? In this good of shape according to the pictures??? That is a steal. It would probably be around $50USD for shipping in the US.


p.s. Zsonthebrain, are you sure those are 14 by 7? They sure look like they are 14 by 5.5j or 6j to me. I could be totally wrong.

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