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240 ITS Suspension System


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Selling my 240Z ITS Suspension System!

Complete Ground Control coil-over system used 10 track days!:love:

System Includes:

Eibach Springs (1000-250-0300 and 1000-250-0275)

Tokico Illumina Strut Inserts w/5 compression settings

Ground Control coil-over system with anodized perch and adjusters

Professionally shortened stock strut housings front and rear with welded spring perch

Race ready and in excellent condition!

Fronts come with no backing plates (don’t need ‘em!) and the rears come with backing plates and stub axles installed and ready to install on your car!

Rears have some slight over-spray on the tubes (Econo Paint bastsges!!:tapemouth ) Otherwise, this system is in excellent condition and ready to install.

Ground-Control sells the coil-over system alone for $879, and you need to provide and cut, and weld your own tubes!

Complete system $800 plus shipping to your door. I have sold many items from my “spares” collection on this forum with absolutely no complaints. You will not be disappointed with this deal!

Rear control arms, urethane inner bushings (qty 4, new!), and the spindle pins and hardware are not included but can be had for an additional $75.

e-mail questions to steve @t2motorsports.com


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After multiple request via PM and email, here are the spring details:

rear 1000-250-0300 = 10" length, 2.5" ID, 300# rate

front 1000-250-0275 = 10" length, 2.5" ID, 275# rate

these are standard Eibach racing springs.

Regarding the overall length of the shortened struts:

measuring the fronts from the strut insert retaining nut to the spot where the tube enters the spindle casting = 12.75" (shortened aprox. 1.25")

measuring the rears from the strut insert retaining nut to the spot where the tube enters the stub axle casting = 13.75" (shortened aprox. 2.25")

Lastly, I have no other photos at this time. If I get some, I'll post them.

Remember, don't drink and drive!

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...so correct 2Many... With this setup, you have virtually limitless options with the springs, both in spring rate, and ride height. The installed springs are 10", which puts it low for the street, and stiff.

Any 2.5" ID spring would fit and work very well.


Remember to look out for the kiddo at the bus stop tomorrow on your way to work!

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