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  2. inline6

    NOS 240z dash

    Hi, That's my dash in the auction. In the box without padding is how I got it, but I will be packing it far better, better supported to keep it from flexing and with plenty of soft packing to keep it from moving around in the box. I got it about 6 months ago... and didn't realize it had a crack until I took it out of the box to take pictures for the auction. Hard to say what caused it, but I think it happened because in storage there was pressure pushing the center console opening wider at the bottom... Anyway, I am doing a restoration and will be going with a Vintage Dashes one - a series 1 style to match the one in my car. If they weren't available, I would use this one instead. Garrett
  3. wheee!

    77 at Copart

    I’m 3 hours away, my friend is 20 minutes away. Even 1200 Cdn is too much for this one.
  4. I just checked my receipt. Was 155 plus shipping. I first brought it to North Hollywood Speedometer & Clock Co to see if they could diagnose and repair. They could not but they could rebuild with modern components that would require a re-wire. I then looked and ebay and other stores. Did some more looking and found Speedometer Plus. Wasn't much more for a rebuild I trust vs gambling on something else. I mailed it to them on a Monday and it was back to me by Friday the same week. It's been great ever since.
  5. 2377kN

    ‘78 280z for sale

    Sunrise Z closed years ago. They did the 5-speed swap and other work in my car. Z Expert did the suspension work that I could not do myself. Service and work is great there. Wish they were closer to Burbank.
  6. Mike

    1971 Datsun Z-Series 240z

  7. Yesterday
  8. nix240z

    240zrubberparts project car

    zstory full exhaust...
  9. Add $10,000. $50,000 73 Z!
  10. grannyknot

    SR20det Wiring harness

    You probably should head over to Hybridz, https://forums.hybridz.org/ That is a fairly popular engine swap and there are a number of guys there that have done it. Don't want to chase you away but Hybridz is all about engine swaps.
  11. 21 gallon and 10 gallon Harbor Freight compressors joined together with a T-fitting and check valves. I used two guns: Devilbiss Finishline FLG-4, for the sealer and color. I didn't want to spend big money on a gun, and at $200, it seemed to be one of the better values out there. The other gun was from the two-piece kit from HF (https://www.harborfreight.com/2-pc-professional-automotive-hvlp-air-spray-gun-kit-61472.html) to shoot high fill. That's why I bought it, but the small detail gun turned out to be surprisingly useful. I've used it a bunch of times on small parts.
  12. Patcon

    Rotisserie for Sale - NJ

    That seems like a good deal
  13. hiyabrad

    Lucky day for VIN 147 (HLS30-00147)

    Love hearing anything that has to do with a '69 car.
  14. siteunseen

    Classic 1977 Datsun Z car parts/project (make offer)

    That's real close to my early '77, built in 9/'76. The sloped up rear deck is what I'm going by. The later ones had a built up flat deck. Good luck, hopefully you'll sell it.
  15. siteunseen

    Head storage.

    Don't forget the bottom. A couple of valves will be sticking out. Use styrofoam or doubled up cardboard on the bottom.
  16. Last week, we finally got a glimpse of the forever-teased fifth-gen Supra. Toyota can now add their historic nameplate back into their lineup to evoke the glory years of exciting expressway champions and literally unbelievable “Gentleman’s Agreement” performance. Honda and Nissan … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  17. jonbill

    Car wont run triple webers

    At least you've got one working one to compare too, and a good book. On my Dellortos the problem with the accelerator pumps is always the one way valve gets gummed up if the carbs aren't used for a while and sit with fuel in them.
  18. Zed Head

    Fuel Pump Relays rewire

    Your voltage numbers are way off, for starters. Could be that there is a drain somewhere. Start with a fully charged battery, over 12.6 volts with nothing connected, and see if voltage drops when you connect the cables. 11.3 volts shouldn't even crank the engine. Something is wrong. You might just have a failing battery. https://ussolarinstitute.com/glossary/battery-state-charge/
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