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  2. Do you have the dash removed from the car? The pedals are replaceable without removing the dash. The boxes are identical for the automatic cars. I’ve done the conversion on swapping the pedals. It’s extremely tight under there but it can be done.
  3. Progress has been made. Got the correct collar adjustment tools, raised the passenger side collars up to where the driver side collars are. Front cross member ground clearance has been increased from 3.5" to 4.5". I'd like it to be another inch or so higher. First tried to adjust the collars with some makeshift tools, only succeeded in marking up the aluminum collars. Getting the right tool for the right job made the task much easier. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. That's the one I have. A bit fiddly, but works. I've swapped out springs with the head on many times.
  5. I think trump was great, so there. Too bad politics has to come up, but lets see how ole joe does from here. Looks like time to ignore again, wish you guys could lay off politics.
  6. Did you find out what was binding the shafts? Since you have one that is worth little you can experiment on it to figure out how to remove parts without damaging them. Kind of like being in the wrecking yard.
  7. I think you should google that. "Hummer" "Forum"
  8. CanTechZ, The linkage between the two carbs on your Canadian car looks the same as the one they used for Europe. And as mentioned above, the US version is different. Not without a torch. The linkage is brazed together. Best bet (and something I have done in the past) is to remove it mechanically with saws and files. And speaking of such things... @Dadsun , I wish I had known you weren't going to run the throttle opener when I sent those other parts. I think I've got said 240 linkage piece here with that part of the linkage removed. I'll see if I can find it and snap a pic.
  9. Yesterday
  10. With the shortage of S30's on BAT, this might be interesting to watch, it's the 50th anniversary edition : https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2020-nissan-370z/
  11. My favorite British Racing Green was on the Triumph TR6.
  12. Today i got the delivery from the guys at Sandstrahlen-plus.ch which i can really recommend if you're in switzerland... They had my complete chassis blasted (except the roof and a few areas i will replace anyway) and primered. The job is very nice if you ask me and it looks so much better with all the car in one colour, rather than twelve different layers of primer, bondo, paint, rust protection, etc.. in various states... Remember, this is how it looked a few weeks ago... Luckily the process didnt' reveal any new problems, only the bad repairs of yesteryear and the rusty spots i already new and have replacement panels for... $ I also made this little "unboxing" gif whlie unwrapping the car and thought it was fun to share...
  13. After replacing all bearings and seals I set the Diff up as best I could for backlash and then took it it up to a Diff specialist that I have used a few times before, they got wipe pattern set perfectly.
  14. Just heard these on the radio. David Byrne has a Youtube channel. I need to explore...
  15. Excellent. I noticed pretty much the same thing. Except in my case, after I replaced my wheel bearings, I could hear the diff whine.
  16. Jay Ataka at jdm-parts.com has a kit in stock. Contact him about it.
  17. Last week
  18. I was in Bryan, 90 miles north of Houston. It's mighty humid and rainy in Houston, fer shurr.
  19. Hi DuckManNK, The bush was replaceable it the 4 speed and had a slightly larger outside diameter iirc. The 5 speeds had a thinner bush and was no longer considered a replaceable item. Worn bush meant replace the rear extension housing. The bush you are quoting is for the later FS5W71C transmissions used in the later 4 cylinder Z series engines (Z22 & Z24 etc.) The transmission is a stubby version, meaning shorter rear extension housing and the propellor shaft is also shorter and some fitted with a two piece shaft and center bearing. This all reduces the stress and wear on this bush. The bush is therefore the same outer and inner diameter, but much shorter in length. It will work, but it will wear out faster than the original FS5W71B 5 speed bush. Search for Omega Machine Tool 71411. That bush is almost identical. The dimensions are the same, just slightly different lubrication groove. https://sales.omegamachine.com/Nissan_FS5W71C_Extension_Housing_Bushing_p/71411.htm It's also a lot cheaper than the Nis 62.
  20. Thanks AZ-240z. That's exactly what I needed. Guess I need to get the grinder out and see if I need to replace the outer rocker panels as well a the fenders. Thankfully the inside rockers are in goon shape.
  21. Keith, Count me in for one set!
  22. I am looking into the options for carpet in my 7/1973 240z and have some questions about what was original. My car didn’t have much of the interior when I bought it. It was kind of a husk on the inside. In reading about the carpet options it seems that generally people think the Newark Auto 11-piece kit is the best, followed by their 7-piece kit. Please disabuse me if this assumption if I’m wrong, but it’s what a few days of Google has turned up. I’m also seeing that “some cars” had rubber in place of 4 of the pieces, hence the 7-piece kit. Does this mean not all Zs had the diamond quilted vinyl on the transmission hump? What was happening on the outer edges at the sills? I have the trans hump vinyl in a box, and my firewall had what seems like mat-board behind the dash, but not carpet. I’ve put Dynamat down on the floors and will be putting foil-backed insulation over that. I may put carpet padding between that and that carpet, but either way I will need to go to the sills with something, whether its carpet or the afore mentioned rubber (?). Advice and photos of your setup are appreciated.
  23. 4-5 psi fuel pressure may be too much pressure for the float valves. 3-3 1/2 psi is all the carbs need. I'm assuming the 5 psi occurs at higher RPMs.
  24. Good idea, I was just thinking about spraying some black paint. But the textured finnish seem better. thak you!
  25. well I just finished installing the recondition 240 fuel rail and removed the 260 one with the asbestos . I am not going to install a fuel pressure regulator as with the carter p60430 pump the fuel pressure is at 3.95 psi with the gauge installed at the start of the new fuel rail. I just ran a vacuum line from the balance tube to the carbon canister to solve that problem.
  26. I figured I'd post an update here. The guy sold the cam to someone else before sending me any pictures of the stampings, so it may have been a CWC billet cam. I think I'll be sending my stock cam to Delta Cams for a regrind (as well as the rocker arms). I need to call and talk to them still. I'd like a semi-aggressive cam, but I do want to run round top SU's for a while, with my eye on a triple Weber DCOE setup in the future. If any one has grind recommendations for that while retaining low end power, I'm open to it. I'm guessing that's vaguely a Stage 2 or Stage 3, but from what I understand the stage designations are a bit arbitrary. Thanks all!
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