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1973 240z L24 with 4 speed MT, SU Carbs, 6-1 header, E88 heads

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1973 240z L24 with 4 speed MT, SU Carbs, 6-1 header, E88 heads

   (0 reviews)


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I've had this drivetrain sitting in my garage since I drove it in ... (in 2014 LOL).   It's an L24 from a 73 240z.  It turns over easily by hand.  Notables:  4 speed MT, early SU carbs, 6-1 Header, E88 heads.   I think I probably have the matching air filter box here somewhere as well.

Can anyone use any of this before it goes to Kijiji?  Just let me know.

Located in Calgary.

Calgary, Alberta - Canada

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