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Datsun 260 2+2 seat belts

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Datsun 260 2+2 seat belts

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hello. I am looking for a set of original seat belts for datsun 260 2+2

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Hi, Over here in europe they had auto-roll-up units that were mounted on the rear struts for as far i know? I do have some of those but not for sale, i plan to use them in my 240z when i replace the 4 point ralley-harness..

Or was it only the 2 seater that had the auto roll up's?  i have no idea..

Looked in some 260z folders 2 seater and 2+2..

the Belgian one said no safetybelts at all in 1974!

And a Dutch (Netherlands) folder talked about a auto roll up safetybelts for the 2 seater and i asume on the front of the 2+2 as safetybelts in the rear came later.. The 260z was THE sportscar from Datsun in 1974 till 1978 !!!  (Then the 280zx came.. and the 280z was never imported to europe.) 

The belts you ask for are they exactly like the 240z belts? (I think they look the same..)



Hello mate.  Well, the photo is indicative.  The belts I am looking for are the oem ones for 260z 2+2.  Since mine has 2-point belts, airplane type.

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Okay, for so far i can see those are roll-up type of belts that retract behind the cardboard like panels aside of the rear seats.. I took this info out of a folder from the 2+2 Netherlands.

I don;t have any left except 1 pair for my 240z but i don't think you want them from europe as the shipping would be astronomic!


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