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280Z Climate Control illumination harness

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280Z Climate Control illumination harness

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The tabs on the bulb socket have broken off and will not affix to the housing.


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Lakeland, Florida - United States

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If you can't find the right BA9S socket (and I couldn't find one in a search), you could get some 194 sockets like this and splice them into the harness. https://www.amazon.com/Winka-Extension-Harness-Connectors-Sockets/dp/B07H8F322J



Hey Steve, I went ahead and ordered a set. Are they more of a compression type fit? Looks like the original had some small twist type tangs as well although they were small and very thin. Hard to tell being so old.

Something else I read on tachometers. My car is no longer an automatic thank the lord. Converted over to a 5 speed. Somehow which I can’t fathom is they say there is a difference in tachometers. Any idea why?  Haven’t driven the car yet. I did find another tach for a 78 off ebay. I assume it came from a manual car.

Really appreciate your help Steve! 

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Glad to help. Those sockets appear to be the same as what I used in my 260Z, which are compression fit. 

According to the parts manual, the tach part number is the same for all 280Zs. There is no difference between automatic and manual transmission cars.

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