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1978 280z for sale

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1978 280z for sale

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1978 280z, 5 speed transmission 

Smog certified on April 13th. Has never failed

Runs great but needs a number of repairs and general attention.

Odometer reads 45K and that’s probably just what it is. Bought in 1999 from original owner with around 20K miles on it. I barely drive it nowadays and it isn’t fair to the car.

Renovations include but not limited to: new paint (BMW taupe metal-fleck), new upholstery (in original burnt orange), carpeting, radio and speakers, new wheels and dash cap. Wooden steering wheel and stick shift nob from my old 1976 240z. 

This car is a joy to drive. On the road people wave, high-five and yell compliments at stop lights— it makes my day. Best conversation starter, ever—but you probably know all about that... 

- Engine runs well and have only done the necessary or advised to it as well as regular maintenance.

- Apron missing (under front bumper).

- Rust spots under hatch, in one wheel well, on two rails (not structural—apologies for ignorance of terminology!), other incidental spots—see photos

- Window tinting needs removal and/or replacement

- RPM gauge seems stuck. No, I lie, it has repaired itself—as it does

- Driver’s side door doesn’t completely latch sometimes (when warmed up). I lock the door when driving but it’s gotta be fixed of course.

- Removed several badges when had car stripped and painted but have them.

- Tool kit is all there, never been used. Regulation issue Datsun spare tire inflator canister! And original spare tire which has a rusty rim and has transferred rust stains to well. I do not believe the spare wheel well is itself rusting.

Have included all the undercarriage rust photos I have but no room left for the rust-less majority. 

This car is in remarkable shape. And now I’ve organized the renovation receipts I can tell you that They cost about $15K. Maintenance and small repairs takes it beyond $20K... Hence her devastating allure~

Let me know if you’d like further photos or information.

Thank you 

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