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4-74 260Z for sale

   (0 reviews)

4-74 260Z for sale

   (0 reviews)


  • Price $5,500
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This is an early model 260. It is an automatic transmission car. The hood, (hood is a new hood) and bumpers have been replaced with  280 equipment. Have the early 260 bumpers. The motor and transmission has been rebuilt about 20,000 miles ago by Beaverton Datsun. The car has been upgraded with down draft webers and GM alternator. The car is an , it is orginial, except as noted above , it is a rust rot free car. There is some surface rust here and there. No rust in the usual spots except, on the driver frame rail near the firewall, there is some surface rust at that location, but it is on the surface, the metal make a solid "THUMP" when you tap on it. The car was last registered in 2017. Tire are good, they are about 5 years old. Hatch struts are good. One dent in rear below license plate but above bumper as shown in picture #4.

The complete fuel and brake system has been gone through in December 2020. New battery also in December 2020. Car runs well. Approx 69,000 miles, milage is beleived to be orginial milage.There is no spare tire.  Car is Sold as is, Where is.

Body L.S. fender after.jpg

Body L.S. door.jpg

Body antena.jpg

Body hatch.jpg

Body L.S. rear panel.jpg

Body R.S. door.jpg

Body R.S. rear panel.jpg

Body top.jpg

Hatch plate.jpg

Hood L.S. front corner.jpg

Hood L.S. hinge.jpg

Hillsboro, Oregon - United States

Recommended Questions

Any chance of seeing photos of the interior,  engine bay and underneath 

Ed Brock



Yes. I will try to attach them. There are some more, but i think these show the rust freeness of this car. The photo labeled Frame rail LS master cylinder does so some rust, it is only on the surface. if you hit that aera, it gives you a solid "THUMP".

Reguarding the sets, we have some that are in much better condition, they can be purchased separately.


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