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NOS Parts and Miscellaneous Other Parts

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NOS Parts and Miscellaneous Other Parts

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NOS parts found in parts stash. Door pull with chrome caps. $35.00. - ( This item sold)

Interior windshield cowl trim $50.00.

Chrome center vent duct $35.00.

This is not a NOS part, but a excellent used part, radiator cap with Japanese writing on it $30.00

All price do not include fright.

We have several non NOS parts also for sale. Example series 2 recapped dash, very good condition. 280 all plastic glove box, great upgrade from 240 cardboard box.  Radiator upper hose and small to large heater hose. Suspension parts. Door panels. Rear windows. Transmission tunnel lines. Interior plastic parts


NOS chrome center vent.jpg



NOS interior cowl.jpg

Radiator cap-Japan.jpg

Radiator-heater hose.jpg

Recommended Questions

Is the cowl panel dent and rust free?  Still original paint?

Ed Brock



Sorry, I just got so busy I had to let so things wait, unfortunately your answer was one of those items.

Here's the full story on the interior cowl. This information was told to us by the owner of the car Roger bought for parts. The owner stated this part is a original NOS part he installed. I see no rust, no dents or dings. As far as the paint goes, Roger has not repainted it. That is the best I can answer your questions.

Please let me know, I will watch for your reply and get back to you immediately. The price is $50.00 plus shipping, If there are other parts you need, lets make you a package deal.


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