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Throttle linkage/rods needed

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Throttle linkage/rods needed

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Hey everyone! Just joined here. I'm in need of two of the three throttle rods on a 260z with round top SU's. I understand the rods are the same between 240-280z's but I could be incorrect. I have the non-adjustable rod that attaches to the carburetor cross shaft linkage, but I need the rod that attaches to the pedal and the longest rod that runs along the firewall. 

If you have either of the two pieces, or happen to know a source for aftermarket ball-joint ends so that I can build my own, I'd appreciate hearing from you!

Thanks a ton!

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What is the distance between the center of the ball connector of each rod?

5.5 '' on the longer one and 3.5" on shorter ?





I'm actually not sure what the lengths of the two are. I found an ad on ebay for some aftermarket linkage that listed the longer piece as being adjustable from 6.15 to 6.55 from center to center. It didn't list the length of the rod that attaches to the pedal. I'm not sure of the accuracy of that linkage so it certainly could be the lengths you described.

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