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MN -47 cylinder head

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MN -47 cylinder head

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This is a very clean Maxima - N-47 Head. For those not familiar , it was the cylinder head used on the 2.4 engines for the Maxima series -1981-1984. This head will bolt on to any L series 6 cylinder block. These heads have an advertised 39 cc combustion chamber ( I’ve measured as much as 41), which makes for a perfect size for a higher compression build. The chambers are a bit smaller then the E-31 head, but a better chamber design. 

 The valve sizes are 42/35 , so it already has the bigger exhaust valve. For some more performance the intake valves can be upgraded to 44mm valves . The exhaust side has liners , but flow very well and will not hinder performance for most performance builds. The high quench design of the chamber is very desirable in fending off detonation with a higher compression build. The ports are slightly smaller and have the D shaped intake port for a biased flow. The ports can be opened some, but for most builds it will flow well and help with low end torque. 

This head has been checked at the machine shop for flatness and cracks. The valves and guides were also inspected and I was told it was in bolt on condition. I have decided to throw in some 44 intake valves and rockers and will also supply a stock drilled cam . So you can throw this in as it is or upgrade to the bigger valves and upgrade the cam and have a very good performing head. There is no springs or lash pads , but I will supply a clean set of rockers that should be ready to run .

I am asking 400$ for the package , shipping will be additional. Price can be less if buyer doesn’t want valves or cam, or rockers. These heads are very difficult to come by and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve never came across any L head this clean.

Some CR numbers with this head combo .All approximations and based on 1.25 HG thickness.Also based on 39cc chambers advertised with these heads , so more likely the chambers are slightly bigger so less CR . I base the CR numbers higher because most heads require a small cut for flatness and or HG thickness might vary. 


L28 block with dished pistons =9:1

L28 block with flat tops= 10.75:1

L24 block= 9.5:1 

I also will offer my services to help build this head to your specs and get it ready as a bolt on cylinder head. Please contact me for that service .

contact me via email or PM 



Recommended Questions

Looks like a nice head!  What are the compatible models it will fit?  ( also testing the question / answer feature )



It took, me a bit to figure out how to answer the question. I figured it out because I’m use to it from a different forum.

The head will work on a year L6 - 1970-1983

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