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1973 Datsun/Nissan 240Z (rebuilt with 280ZX engine/transmission) not in a hurry to sell. Tempe AZ

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1973 Datsun/Nissan 240Z (rebuilt with 280ZX engine/transmission) not in a hurry to sell. Tempe AZ

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updated 03Jun2020: added photos! finally got the dust off. let me know if anyone wants specific areas.

updated 21May2020: reduced to $10,500, but showing to a couple people here in AZ locally this week.

Hey friends, I used HybridZ a ton when I was a teen, so I decided to post my car for sale there. Got recommended to also post it here on Haven't had any time for my '73 240Z since about 2011, so I made the hard decision to sell (to the right person! not selling unless it's a hobbyist) to give someone else a chance to finish this project.


I'm a 33-year-old guy in Tempe in law enforcement/military. Price is $12,999 because I think that's what I can prove I paid so far on-paper, but mostly to deter the usual low-ball offers. I also have a 2007 CBR600RR for sale with low miles, though also not in a hurry to sell. I'll take cryptocurrency, cash, cashier's check, and whatever else won't get me ripped-off. Hope y'all are doing well, and here's the info from OfferUp!


499999 Miles


NOT IN A HURRY TO SELL. will sell this rebuilt/project 240Z to the right person, only. looking for some enthusiast who grew-up in the 70s, or a gearhead who likes restoring cars. i also have my 2007 CBR600RR motorcycle up for sale, if you know anyone who needs a reliable moto.
I bought this 240Z from a guy in California, around the San Pedro area in 2004. i think i remember him being the 2nd owner, buying it from a nearby woman. i was mid-high school and wanted to restore a car with my dad (he’s amazing at doing car projects by himself). i paid $3,000 cash after working a full summer at some side jobs as a kid. used the car as a daily driver for almost 2 years in high school, then joined the military. the car originally had some surface rust in the usual Z spots, but is totally clean now. spent hours with my dad doing the following: engine and transmission from 280ZX rebuilt and paint (5-speed manual and 2.8L now), rebuilt SU carburetors, rebuilt most of everything under the hood, shined the crap out of most surfaces (my valve cover is almost a mirror!), put a different geared differential in, re-did the brakes and painted the calipers, put a new exhaust in with a 2.5” pipe (super throaty with headers, a bit too loud for me now, and no catalytic converter), got it to pass Maricopa County emissions, registered it until the end of 2011 when i listed it as not in use, got out of the military and paid $4,250 for a nice paint job with the original orange, painted the engine bay with the motor out, sprayed rhino liner on the hood interior, painted a front air dam/spoiler i bought, painted a rear spoiler i bought, all totally running and rebuilt and clean, OTHER than the interior. interior was my last project, but i ended up moving out of the US until last year. i’ve had this car waiting for me in my garage, with a Noah car cover on it, for so many years. i don’t want to sell it, but i need garage space for my new 4Runner daily driver. Really want it to be bought by a person who will enjoy it without stripping it for one of those racing engine swaps or weird body kits.


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    (has 280ZX engine and transmission)

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