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Various 240Z parts

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Various 240Z parts

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Still cleaning out surplus parts after a decade-long restoration.  Limited to 10 photos, so let me know if you wants pics of any other items, and I'll e-mail them to you.  

Front mud flaps                                               $15 pair

Rear 3 piece valance / finisher                        35

rear quarter windows - 2 pair                          40 pair

Steering column with lock                               50

Powder-coated rear control arm                    60

Front cowl, exterior                                           50

Front cowl, interior                                            40

LF fender                                                            80

LF headlight surround (sugar scoop)            75

New left side floor pan (2 pieces)                100

Battery and master cyl. covers                       25 pair

RF lower fender extension                               25

Hood (some damage)                                     100

Hood hinge/spring set (have 2)                       35 each

Hood cable                                                          10

Fuel filler exterior door                                       15

Red Deer, Alberta - Canada

Recommended Questions

I'd like to buy the hood cable if the wires are in good condition and not starting to fray.  Can you send a pic of the cables to me?


Richard McDonel


Sure thing.  I'll get the photo to you later today.


Best regards,

Richard McDonell

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Would you also happen to have the fresh air ducts for a 240/260 that mount to the cross member at the front of the hood?

fresh air ducts.JPG

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