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1970 E31 L24 Engine block

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1970 E31 L24 Engine block

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Hi, Im looking for a 1970 E31 casting L24 Engine block only.

I am located in Australia, If you have a block and are able to pack it for shipping (or know of one) please get in touch. Thankyou.

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The casting number is on the skirt of the LH side. Harder to see under the intake and exhaust and grime.

Some are E31 P30 N42 and F54 I think there was an E30 as well.

@SkinnyPete I believe I have one, I will double check it this afternoon. I would have to look into the whole shipping thing. It's been outside and would need a hot tank, and bore. You just want a block and main caps right?

casting number.jpg



Yeah just the block and main caps. I'm not too fussed about condition asking as it's usable after machining. 

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I'll look into it, I have never shipped freight internationally. I see some freight forwarders out of Portland OR.

It is an E31. I will see about getting the crank and pistons out, I'll know more about the condition then.It looks salvageable to me. I have been meaning to do something with it for a while but kept putting off. I'll send some pic's after I strip it down.

The one thing the freight people want for a quote is a postal code, perhaps you would share that? 

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