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Wanted. A Decent Nissan Z 5 speed

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Wanted. A Decent Nissan Z 5 speed

   (0 reviews)


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Well my stash of 5 speeds has dwidles to two. One that is locked up, and one that you can't get into 5th gear with power applied. Before I go off and source a C type and go through that process, doesn't anyone "close by" have a decent late 280 or 280ZX 5 speed they KNOW is in good condition? Would pay decent money for it. Let me know.

Short ears, two muffler hangers, short ears one muffler hanger or long ears one muffler hanger is ascending order of preference, but WORKING and not in major need of bearings is much more important. BW turbo 5 speeds need not apply, not that desparate yet.... 😉


Calgary, Alberta - Canada

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