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14 years ago a group of Southern California car enthusiasts got together with the idea of putting on a new event – one that would celebrate vintage Japanese automobiles and the culture that surrounds them. At the time this was a pretty bold idea, as classic Japanese cars had yet to reach mainstream acceptance.  Fast forward 14 years, JCCS has become one of Southern California’s premier car gatherings. In recent years the event has grown right alongside the popularity of classic Japanese cars themselves.   It is and remains to be America's First and Original Japanese Car Show, Dedicated to Old School Japanese Cars.

JCCS recognizes that time marches on, and that yesterday’s new car becomes today’s classic with the passage of time. As the years rolled on, we felt that our 1985-generation limit had grown too constrictive. And so, we  announced that we are allowing cars built through 1995 (and later cars of that generation) since 2018: that means FC RX7s, DC Integras, NA Miatas, Mk3 Supras, R32 Skylines, and “many more” are now eligible to join us on the show field at JCCS.


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