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Moxee Hops Festival Cruise


Zcar Club Washington

Event details

Club Cruise Through Mt. Rainier Forrest ending at the Moxee Hops Festival where we can enjoy the street fair and festival for the day.
Shared route
From Star Lake Park & Ride to Moxee City Park, Rivard Rd andHighway 24, Moxee, WA 98936 via I-5 S.
3 hr 33 min (148 mi)
3 hr 33 min in current traffic
1. Head north on Starlake P&R Acrd
2. Turn right toward S 270th St
3. Turn left onto S 270th St
4. Turn left onto S 272nd St
5. Turn right onto the 5 S/Portland ramp
6. Merge onto I-5 S
7. Use the 2nd from the right lane to take exit 143 for S 320th St toward FederalWay
8. Keep left at the fork to continue toward S 320th St
9. Use any lane to turn left onto S 320th St
10. Turn left onto Military Rd S
11. Arrive at location: The Coffee Bear
12. Head south on Military Rd S
13. Turn left onto Peasley Canyon Rd S
14. At the traffic circle, take the 2ndexit and stay on Peasley Canyon Rd S
15. Turn right onto W Valley Hwy S
16. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto 15th St SW
17. Arrive at location: Gravity Coffee | Auburn
18. Head west on 15th St SW
19. Use the right lane to take the WA-167 S ramp to Tacoma
20. Merge onto WA-167 S
21. Take the WA-410 E exit toward Sumner/Yakima
22. Take the 166th Ave E exit
23. Turn right onto 166th Ave E
24. Turn left
25. Turn left
26. Arrive at location: Shell
27. Head southwest toward 166th Ave E
28. Turn right toward 166th Ave E
29. Turn right onto 166th Ave E
30. Turn right onto the WA-410 E ramp to Buckley
31. Turn right onto 219th Avct E
32. Turn right onto 99th Stct E
33. Arrive at location: The Buttered Biscuit Restaurant And Bar
34. Head east on 99th Stct E toward 219th Avct E
35. Turn left onto 219th Avct E
36. Turn right onto WA-410 E
37. Arrive at location: US Forest Service Ranger Station
38. Head east on WA-410 E/SE 448thSt/Roosevelt Ave E toward Commerce St
39. Arrive at location: Skookum Falls Viewpoint
40. Head southeast on WA-410 E
41. Use the left lane to take the U.S. 12 E/U.S. 97 S/Interstate 82 E exit toward Richland/Goldendale
42. Merge onto I-82 E/US-12 E/US-97 S
43. Take exit 34 for WA-24 E/Nob Hill Blvd toward Moxee
44. Turn left onto WA-24 E/E Nob Hill Blvd (signs for Moxee)
45. Turn left onto S Rivard Rd
46. Turn right onto E Park St
47. Turn right at S Iler St
48. Arrive at location: Moxee City Park
For the best route in current traffic visit https://maps.app.goo.gl/bDYYmVhnL3cyG6Vw8
Club Cruise Through Mt. Rainier Forrest ending at the Moxee Hops Festival where we can enjoy the street fair and festival for the day.

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