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North Cascades Highway 20 Drive

Zcar Club Washington

Event details

Approximately 346 miles and 6 1/2+ hours of awesome driving!

ZCCW Drive – Saturday June 25, 2016
North Cascades Highway 20 Drive
(meet at 8:00am, depart Smokey Point Rest Area at 8:30am)
> Top off your gas tank before arriving at the Rest Area (which I would recommend), it looked to me like exit 199/Marysville has about 4 or 5 gas stations, and exit 202/116th St. NE has a couple of gas stations.
> To get to the Rest Area, head north on I-5 from Marysville, the exit to the Rest Area is right at milepost 207, so go past exit 206 and enter the Rest Area to the right at MP 207.
North Cascades Hwy 20 Drive
> Approximately 346 miles and6 1/2+ hours of driving!
> Starting point (meet at 8:00am, depart Smokey Point Rest Area at 8:30am)
> Northbound I-5 Smokey Point Rest Area (milepost 207, 8.2 Miles N of Marysville)
> We’ll depart the Rest Area northbound on I-5 at 8:30am, and take the Arlington/Darrington exit (exit 208). At the end of the off-ramp turn right onto Hwy 530. (If you’re coming from north of exit 208 on I-5 or if you’ve mistakenly gone to the Smokey Point Rest Area on the southbound side, you’ll need to continue south on I-5, take the 172nd St. NE exit (exit 206), cross over the freeway, then come back north on I-5 to the northbound Smokey Point Rest Area otherwise we’ll miss you)
> Info and Notes:
Bring walkie-Talkies, tune to Channel 1, sub-channel 1
Duane said that (the guys in the Porsche club have toldhim) these roads tend to be patrolled regularly and that speeds need to be kept close to the limit. Please drive in a safe and courteous manner; otherwise you won’t be welcomed to continue driving with the group. (This has never been a problem in the past.) ;0)
Suggestions or comments welcome – marty@groovemerchant.org
Marty’s Cell Phone: 425-367-9065
Depart northbound on I-5 from the Smokey Point Rest Area at 8:30am.
Take Arlington/Darrington exit (exit 208), at end of offramp turn right at the stoplightonto Hwy 530, follow Hwy 530 to Hwy 9 in Arlington
Left onto Hwy 9 (Hazel St.)
Right on W Burke Ave/Hwy 530/Arlington-Darrington Rd
In Darrington, Arlington-Darrington Rd curves left and becomes Seeman St
Left on Emens Ave N/Hwy 530, follow to Rockport
In Rockport, right on N Cascades Hwy/Hwy 20, follow to Twisp. With a few stops along the way for photo opsand bathroom breaks.
At Twisp, stay left on Highway 20, and follow to the Loup-Loup Pass and on to Hwy 97 near Okanogan.
Right on Hwy 97, and head to Wenatchee for dinner.
After Dinner, head west on Highway 2 to Bluett Pass / Snoqualmie Pass /I-90 to Seattle or Leavernworth / Stevens Pass / Everett on Highway 2.
This concludes the 2016 North Cascades Drive!
Hope to Z-ya there, Marty
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