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    Rain Gutter Drip Rail Removal and Installation

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    Some photos for reference.For installing and removing simply pick an end then start rolling with fingers. I found that removing works best starting from the rear and installing works best starting from the front.They clean up well with fine steel wool.attachment.php?attachmentid=48526&d=1318123715attachment.php?attachmentid=48527&d=1318123716attachment.php?attachmentid=48529&d=1318123718attachment.php?attachmentid=48528&d=1318123717240z drip trim 001.jpg240z drip trim 002.jpg240z drip trim 004.jpg240z drip trim 003.jpg*****Addendum by Enrique Scanlo ******Excellent post.A couple of notes to add, having done a few of these.Sometimes due to grime and other schmootz that creeps in underneath, you'll need more help than simply rolling the trim with your fingers. In that case, use a flexible scraper to GENTLY ease the lower edge out from underneath the drip rail. Once it begins slipping off, don't get too over eager in twisting it off as this can cause you to give it a fixed twist that could cause you to kink it.Even after removing it, it may have a bit of a twist on it. DO NOT TRY TO STRAIGHTEN IT OFF THE CAR. If the twist is just a gentle curve, it will go away once you replace it on the car. I've seen perfectly straight trims get mangled because someone tried to "straighten it back to shape", and trims that seemed corkscrewed out of shape go back on perfectly well.Personally, I wouldn't use steel wool on the trim unless it was severely scratched and gouged, and then I would take it very slowly. I prefer some of the metal polishes on a rag after cleaning with lacquer thinner. But, your experience with the steel wool or polishes will be the deciding factor.Again, excellent post Blue. I'm promoting this to another excellent Technical Article by Blue.Enrique ScanlonModerator

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