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  • 240260280z

    Hatch Vent Trim Installation

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    The plastic trim has a barrel-shaped retaining clip that rusts. This fastens into a speed-nut like clip on the body240z hatch trim 001.jpgHere is the body clip with the retaining clip installed. Both were acid dipped and primed.240z hatch trim 002.jpgOn this 240z, there were two different width body clips. One hatch vent used wide and one used narrower.240z hatch trim 003.jpgI seem to have misplaced the photos of the door interior parts of the vent system. Here is one that I have. It shows the plastic part that attaches to the inside of the vent hole. It originally had a foam seal that has long since decayed so I replaced it by gluing on new foam then cutting out the shape.240z hatch trim 004.jpgTo install the body clips and not damage the paint, I used a waxy paper to help the clip slide into place.Note there is also the plastic part underneath that the clip fastens.240z hatch trim 005.jpgOnce the clips are in place, the barrel retainers can be inserted.240z hatch trim 006.jpgThe clips are in place and top finishing chrome vent is ready to go on240z hatch trim 007.jpgNote the new 2-way tape installed in the centre as well as the epoxied plastic pin that had broken off.240z hatch trim 008.jpgJob done240z hatch trim 009.jpg

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