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  • Lorne

    Choking triple Weber Carburetors

    I am looking for any information out there regarding choking of triple Weber carburetors. I have purchased a 260Z with triple Weber's and the choke cables from the SU carb's are not useable for this conversion. If anyone has ideas of how to achieve this please let me know. If you have pictures that would be most helpful.

    Thank you.


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    The problem is that the cable works by pushing to front but the Webers chokes need to be pulled to fire wall.

    A directional change is needed.  A mechanical lever does this:




    Chokes are not really needed when running at temps between 5C and 40C. Three pushes on gas pedal will have the accelerator squirt raw fuel into the manifold to prime the engine.


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    240260280, thank you for the post. I appreciate your input, and can tell you that I would agree with the general consensus regarding no need for choking under normal circumstances. That said, I live in the relatively cold climate of Edmonton, Canada where the night time temperatures can dip below the 5C mark. 

    I purchased the car with the triple Weber's and have had difficulty starting the car even when garaged and wondered if the issue would be overcome if choking was an option. I have more work to do to the car this winter and a few months to get this in order, so I think I will give it a shot just to see if it helps. These chokes pull to the front of the car so I will try to rout a cable from the firewall along passenger side of the engine block then the around the front of the engine, by the distributor to the choking mechanism. Thinking of running a 1/4 inch ID stainless tube with the cable inside to give it some rigidity. I think this will work but wondered if there were other ideas out there to consider.

    Thanks again 240260280.

    My 260Z.jpg

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