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  • Jughead

    Best Source for preshaped 240 hoses?

    Hi fellow Z-fans.  I'm replacing all the hoses on my '72 240Z.   What is the best place to source the pre-shaped hoses on the drivers (carberator) side?  Specifically, the ones I'm interested in are a) the two that connect to the brake booster, and b -  the two that connect to the emission control air pump.  I either can't find them or they're super expensive.  Please help!  (Thanks!)


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    Unfortunately for your effort, most of those hoses are NLA from the dealer. The cost to create reproductions like what you find on Motorsport Auto (http://zcarparts.com) or JDM Car Parts (http://www.jdm-car-parts.com) is not trivial. There weren't a lot of these cars built, so the set up costs for reproductions is spread out over fewer units.

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    There is a small company here that makes hoses to suite. They don't actuallt preform the rubber hose, but instead they insert a thin walled copper tube. Then they bend the hose to the shape you want.

    I have seen someone on this forum do it with his vac hoses to the brake booster using a similar method.

    Trying to remember his name?. It will come back to me aventually....

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    Found it. In Post nr. #129 Hardway changed the vac hose using this method. You could ask him what his experience with this is.




    @Mike This thread might be better in the "help me" forum section? Since it is not really a tech guide atm anyway.

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