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28July12: ZONC Annual Car Show (Brisbane Marina, CA)

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Announced awards .. (subject to change based upon pre-registrations)

1. Best 510

2. Best Roadster

3. Best 240Z Stock

4. Best 240Z Modified

5. Best 260Z

6. Best 280Z

7. Best 280ZX

8. Best 300ZX (84-88)

9. Best 300ZX (89-96) Stock

10. Best 300ZX (89-96) Modified

11. Best 350Z Stock

12. Best 350Z Modified

13. Best 370Z Stock

14. Best 370Z Modified

15. Best GT-R

16. Best G Coupe

17. Best of Show

Stock: Allowable changes - tinted windows, aftermarket wheels/tires, aftermarket audio systems, and aftermarket exhaust systems.

Any other changes will re-classify cars to "modified"

"Best of Show" .. judged by ZONC car show volunteers

Note: I'm just relaying the information provided by ZONC.

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